Community Curator Proposal

Do you have an idea for a zine?  The Muzineum is currently accepting proposals!  We are most interested in publishing personal stories and on subjects an individual has a particular expertise in ( but not necessarily a formal education!).

Some example ideas:

  • A child's weekly observations of their tomato plant in their garden.

  • A recipe book of different ways to prepare and eat canned meats.

  • An elder's interview about the gentrification of their neighborhood.

  • A collector displaying their prized cookie jar collection with commentary

If your proposal is chosen, you would receive a stipend between $100-300 and a free copy of the printed zine.  You would be expected to collaborate with an editor from the Muzineum.  The Muzineum will retain rights for your zine to be printed, distributed and sold with us.  When the zine sells, 50% of the proceeds going to the contributing curator and 50% goes to the Muzineum to cover printing costs, pay Muzineum workers and putt funds back into creating more curatorial opportunities for folks at Muzineum.  There may be opportunities to exhibit as a pop-up, dependent on project scope and time.


Are you able to commit working on this project for 8 to 16 hours? And are you willing to work with an editor?
Are you LGBTQIA, BIPOC or in financial need?

Thanks for submitting!