Community Curators: A Mobile Museum Concept

Peep a video of the mobile museum concept!

This is a miniature version of my Mobile Museum concept! In this example, my Community Curators are the children who live on my street and their stories are the experiences they have with the nature in their backyards.

A cute freestanding L-shaped structure that has a grey background.  On the board is a sign that reads, "The Creekside Cul-de-Sac Kids present In Our Backyards" with cute child-like writing.  Below the sign is a childs drawing of a robin next to label copy that says "Robin" and squiggles to indicate words underneath it. On a shelf below the photo is  a shelf witha nest on it.  To the left of the board is a freestanding miniature pedestal which has a real beetle mounted on top. On the pedestal is a childs drawing of two butterflies and squiggles to indicate writing.
Miniture mobile museum concept

A miniature facsimile of a freestanding L-shaped museum exhibit.  The exhibit has a textured beige background. On the right is a framed image of ferns with squiggle "text" below it to indicate writing.  On the left is a poster that reads "Fossils of Kentucky by a Future Valedictorian.  Below the poser are shells that are mounted on the wall as well as on a shelf.  To the left of the exhibit piece is a freestanding pedestal with a real beetle mounted on top. Below the beetle is a picture of two butterflies with squiggles to indicate text.
Interior of miniture mobile musem concept