Pivot from Mobile Museum to the Muzineum

An ethos of experimentation and adaptation is a key concept to the Muzineum.

In the first five months of the pandemic I applied to the Emerging City Champion, a micro-grant program with the Knight Foundation and 8 80 Cities. My initial concept was for a mobile museum in a pop-up style. As the pandemic wore on and cases grew, I was more and more hesitant to launch a physical space and frankly, my spirit was a bit dampened. So I returned back to my comfort zone, zines.

What is a zine?

Zines are small, independent publications. Zines are often printed from easily accessible printers and copiers. The subject matter is often niche or too controversial for conventional publication. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs, and are usually published out of love, rather than for profit.

The zine format is perfect for curating, collaborating and distributing in a pandemic. Even with a vaccine on the horizon, we've still got a long way to go. Exploring our community from our mailboxes isn't really a bad way to spend our time while we wait out the end of the pandemic.

The decision to pivot from a physical space to a zine format isn't just driven by a desire to keep people safe. It is also driven by a desire to get folks paid. The zine format costs a lot less money up front leaving more opportunities (read: $$$) which is important in this economic climate. Part of the ethos of the Muzineum is to seek, hear and find ways to be a part of the community so the community is part of the Muzineum.