More on The Nature Sanctuary of Dreams and Mirrors...

Part performance, part art gallery, part outreach and part ritual, Community Curator Katherine Smith has made a beautiful and interactive space designed to invite its audience to envision their future as well as the future of the world.

In the dreamy nature space, McConnell Springs Park, Katherine has set up a Dream Walk filled with literal and metaphorical reflections - utilizing mirrors, the natural spring waters, journal prompts, and movement. The audience is then invited to share their journaling sheets for a collaborative zine produced by The Muzineum and create voice recordings for a video edited by Katherine.

The public is invited to come make their contributions to this community visioning event anytime between 1pm and 3:30. There will be a Visioning Yoga Session with Movement Artist Christina Lynch at 2pm in the amphitheater. We will close out the event with a closing ceremony led by Katherine and short meditation from myself at 3pm.

All participants and contributors to The Nature Sanctuary of Dreams and Mirrors will recieve a .pdf of the finished zine, or pick up their very own zine at the upcoming release party for the zine.

More information about the event and space, written by Community Curator, Katherine Smith:

+ Near the entrance we will have a map, additional information on the event and will be available to provide direction. + There are bathrooms in the space however, they are gendered.

+ The pathway to our ‘dream walk’, space where writing will occur and dream recording station are all on a paved, ADA accessible path. Most of the path is shaded with some light peaking through.

+ The visual piece presented will be right next to a water access point. A visual description of the piece will be provided. Please feel free to interact with this piece! Look in, take pictures, etc. As this piece is made of glass we just ask for you to be mindful around it.

+ The recording station will be on a low to the ground table with instructions for how to use the equipment. The recorder can be picked up if you need it at a higher level. Recording yourself can 100% be nerve racking, so this station will be located away from where our writing station will be set up to provide a bit more privacy.

+ Our writing space will be in the front entrance area where tables are available. We will be collecting all entries that want to be in the zine to scan and give back at our final zine release event. If you want to enter your submission but want access to your writing before the zine release, we suggest capturing your writing in a photo!

+ Our yoga session, led by Christina Lynch will be located at the park’s amphitheater and is open to all bodies. This area will be shaded, with a flat grassy space at the top located next to the paved path.

+ Our closing ceremony will include thank you’s, how this idea got started, a few poems and information on what The Muzineum is up to! We will also have time if you have additional questions or want to chat.

And always, please reach out with any other questions you have!

So come on by! We would love to hear your dreams!