Precept No. 1: No More Martyrs for Art

a hand holds a holly branch in a light green wash.

Artists aren't martyrs. Artists aren't heroes. They're humans.

Done is the notion that artists and creatives must suffer for their art. We can sing better than we bleed. We can paint better than we hunger. We create better than we die. Everything in the world is generative at an amazing scale, everything creates and creates until it dies - that is the nature of existence on Earth. And in this amazingly prolific world humans are uniquely equipped. We are born to be the artists of this world.

Some may say suffering is inspiration for a lot of work and, of course, that is very true. But humans are meant to move through suffering and arrive again at joy. And just like how joy is not a constant, neither is suffering and neither is contentment. They all happen through cycles that do and do not happen in predictable ways.

However, it is society that has made up a narrative that suffering and success happens on a linear plane and humans must suffer until they have success. It is at this point an artist has "made it"and presumably success is a fairly constant state until there is a "fall" from grace. That is exactly the myth that keeps the majority of working artists unfairly compensated for their work.

At th Muzineum we are trying to throw a wrench in that model. We seek to make sure that all of our creators are compensated and, for the most part, that means cash money. It also means that beyond an art for money exchange, there is an exchange of community and energy.