Patron Saints of Clouds
Printed. 4.25 x 5.5 inches

This full color zine printed on 32lb paper has a collection of six saints including Patron Saint of Cumulus Clouds, the Patron Saint of Cirrus Clouds, the Patron Saint of the Cumulonimbus Clouds, the Patron Saint of Cirrostratus Clouds, the Patron Saint of Nimbostratus Clouds, and the Patron Saint of Contrails. Each saint will help you in different facets of your life.

"What we call clouds are simply moisture wrapped around debris particles that are floating in the air. Changes in altitude, temperature and winds are the forces that create the infinitely diverse and ephemeral phenomena we enjoy in the sky.

When praying to the Patron Saints of Clouds, be mindful of ways you can embody these mutable and dynamic forces of nature, changing and being molded by the environment again and again.

Be free -- to create and to destroy."

Patron Saints of Clouds Zine